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How our story began,


Send ME Foundation was founded by two sisters, Celeste “Kuri” Lopez and Denise Torre. They were inspired by their brother, who was disabled. Oscar was in and out of hospitals with numerous brain tumors, many surgeries, epilepsy and even strokes. During his life, he  went through a lot of pain and suffering; however, he never once complained, or questioned his circumstances. Instead, he always thanked God that it was he, who was undergoing such challenges, and not anyone of his family or friends.

Denise and Celeste, along with family and friends, decided to raise enough funds to improve their living conditions. That experience changed the sisters forever. Their mission started out as a dream, and it became their purpose. Celeste and Denise wanted to help as many causes possible. That’s how the name “Send ME” came to be. They often said, send me to wherever there’s a need.

After many years of battling such challenges, Oscar passed away on November 2014. Since helping Oscar, in 2006, Send ME Foundation became a 501(c)3.

They’ve had the privilege of helping many people in need.

The two sisters are committed to apply the lessons they learned from their brother. To persevere, to be courageous, always be kind, be happy, forgive easily, and never, ever give up. Denise, is the sister who helps keep things grounded, while Celeste, is the driven one who wants to motivate everyone, to do something to make a difference. Together they are a dynamic duo. They work hard, stay humble, and always share God’s love. Celeste and Denise, believe that teaching younger generations the power of love through giving, is essential to our world.

Together we can Make a Difference

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